I Don’t Know About You, but I’m Graduating 2022!

I’m truly honored to be graduating in the year 2022 to use the Taylor Swift reference over and over again but that’s not the only thing that has made me ecstatic about my senior year and the rest of my grade school days I’ve spent here in McPherson.

As it’s coming down to the last 30 days of school, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on all my memories, hardships, and things I’ve learned. One of the things that will probably have the most effect on me as we all go off and graduate is the fact if you think about, we’ve grown up with all the people in our graduating classes. Some of those people we love and never want to be apart from and some of them we strongly dislike and honestly hope we never seen again but bottom line, we’ve all known each other since we were just little sixth graders. We got so used to each others presence and focused on school that we never realized that this is the end of us and this is where we will be going off to decide our futures. I’ll miss the moments of our class cheering for our teams in the student section, waiting our turn to be elected for prom and homecoming court, funny things that have happened in classes that we’ll never forget, and most importantly, all the people that will also miss and cherish those small school moments.

Apart from being sad about leaving all my classmates, there’s still some time left with many things that I’m very excited about. Senior year is not only the “break mom and dad’s bank” year, but it’s also the most fun year out of all of school. We’ve been top dogs of the school for nine months being the dedicated role models of the school and we’ve still got lot’s of things to do to make our mark at MHS. Senior year means senior parade, senior sunrise, senior pictures, graduation parties, senior skip day, prom, and of course walking the stage and grabbing the diploma. I’m looking so forward to all these things and cannot wait to spend them with my friends and soaking up the last bit of high school together and making sure it’s great.

Although I’ve never been thrilled about going to school in McPherson, I will have to admit that I actually am glad this is where I ended up because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have met so many friends and acquaintances, connected and bonded with the teachers that I do here in McPherson, Bullpup football, All School’s Day, and so many other great opportunities that McPherson has to offer to their students. I can’t wait to see what each and everyone of my classmates grow up to do. Whether that’s becoming a doctor, getting married and moving out of state, having children, or for some of them, even going to prison. Anyways, I’ve known all of these people for so long and I’m so excited to end my grade school memories with the same people I started them with.