Bridgerton S2; finally out. (spoiler warning!!!)

Season two of the show Bridgerton has finally come out on March 25th. This season partially is about two sisters, Kate and Edwina Sharma, and their undiscussed fight for the Bridgerton brother Anthony, who is looking for a wife this season. Anthony has trauma from his father who passed when he was younger, and his mother who was absolutely heartbroken and no longer had the drive to do anything anymore. He vents out loud to his mother that he doesn’t want to marry someone he loves because he does not want to experience or make a woman experience what his mother went through when his father died. Edwina Sharma, the actual biological daughter, is unknowingly forced to marry a rich English man due to her family needing the money. Edwina will get the trust fund her grandparents made for her. The thing is, she does not know about this. Kate, the adopted daughter, does indeed know. She has prepared and trained Edwina to be perfect at quite literally everything so that she can marry a rich, respectful, and kind English man. Tables turn when she finds out the English man, Anthony Bridgerton, is the man she accidentally caught feelings for. It gets even more intense when we find out their feelings are mutual.

Kate and Anthony deny their feelings for each other as much as they can, and they try to convince the others they aren’t publicly close because they hate each other, but Edwina and Mrs.Sharma are the only clueless ones. Even Daphne from season one who was only around them for five minutes could tell. At this point in the story, I’m feeling terrible for Edwina because her sister and soon-to-be husband are secretly in love behind her back. I’m questioning, how are Kate and Anthony supposed to get together if Edwina and Anthony are supposed to be married? During this whole process, Kate keeps telling her that there are more fish in the sea, he’s not the one, keep your options open, don’t choose him, etc. But Edwina wants him, because he is kind to her, listens to her, and respects her. The Bridgertons and Sharma’s have a family dinner and Anthony is going to propose to Edwina, he literally stands up and says “I have to ask you a question..” and everyone knows what the question is and is so excited, except for Kate, of course, and he sees her face, and he avoids the question and asks her if he could not tell about his defeat at knock-off-golf to anyone else and tries to laugh it off. I was honestly so mad at this point because I feel bad for Edwina but also slightly relieved because I am rooting for Kate and Anthony. All I know here is that I’m wondering, how will Edwina find out about the two? Will she be angry? Will she be relieved? Will she fall in love with another man? Will she ever even find out?

After this dinner, Kate and Anthony have another scandalous moment in his office and his sister Daphne walks in on him and Kate almost kissing, and when Daphne confronts him he claims there is nothing between them, as usual. She talks about what love feels like, or what it should feel like to him, and how he should only be marrying Edwina if he loves her and he pretends he does to get off the hook. When they are leaving to go back to London he proposed to Edwina, which leads to the next dinner they have, with the Sharma sister’s grandparents. The Sharma grandparents being there only means trouble I could say that everything started off decently, but it did not. Immediately they are rude to the Sharma mother about leaving them to raise her children, which causes the mother to finally yell at them, and which leads to Anthony asking them to leave, which they are not happy about obviously. Before they leave, they expose Kate’s plan about making Edwina marry a rich English man and they tell her that they are getting rid of the trust fund for her. I am at the edge of my seat, in pure shock when I am seeing this. Kate’s plan just got exposed, Is Anthony going to break off the proposal? Is the family going to hate Kate?

After this dinner, Kate catches Anthony and Anthony says he doesn’t blame her for what happened, but he believes it’s best to call off the engagement. Kate asks Anthony what Edwina did wrong to change his mind, but he rightfully tells her that Kate is the one who made the match impossible. Kate angrily says that she’s leaving for India anyways, and he replies that it is “still too close” and that “there is nowhere far enough on this Earth that could stop his torment.” If you know Kate and Anthony, you know that their anger towards each other only attracts each other more. Anthony tells her “You are the bane of my existence. And the object of all my desires.” (Talk about enemies to lovers.) Of course, this leads to them almost kissing. Anthony shakes his head and steps back after and says if he married Edwina, he would want Kate for eternity, dreaming of her in sinful ways until he finally breaks and ruins his honor. (Like being interested in the sister is bad enough?) Anthony asks her if this is the marriage she wants for Edwina and leaves.

Kate goes and checks on her crying sister, apologizes for keeping this a secret from her, and explains that she did it with the best intentions for the family. Edwina says that she is not a little girl anymore, and explains that she loves Anthony. The wedding still goes on, and Edwina tells Kate that she does not believe that happy endings exist, struggling to forgive Kate. Kate and Anthony bump into each other and argue as usual, but this time it finally leads to something steamy, and they kiss. After this situation, Anthony tries to confront Kate about it but she denies it and she says they should be ashamed of what they did. The morning after Kate and Anthony made love she went riding on her horse to clear her head and she falls off, and possibly dies? Such a cliffhanger I cannot believe they did that to us. What do you think, did Kate.. die?!?!?!