TikTok and It’s Influence on Pop Culture



TikTok trends spread like wildfire and start to make a huge impact on our pop culture.

We already know that since social media started becoming popular that it was going to a make a big influence on our world. One post on social media that we find interesting can put us into a loop hole of wanting to find out more and get our hands on that popular item, music, or trend.

TikTok has been around since September of 2016 and has already made such a big impact on our pop culture. At first, it was an app with a target audience of people from Gen Z, but as it becomes more popular by spreading trends, sharing funny videos, and spreading news and opinions, people from all generations have hopped on. A quote from ABS-CBN News says “At it’s core, the platform aims to inspire creativity and bring joy to its users. However, it has become more than just for entertainment, for many people, the app has made a deeper imprint and changed their lives.” One thing that TikTok has done for pop culture is with fashion. Thrifting has become a very popular fashion TikTok across the app. When thrifting became a huge fad, it made us realize that it’s a great way to make good and unique outfits for cheap as well as it’s better for the earth than fast-fashion. TikTok has also greatly influenced music. So many small artists have uploaded their music onto the app and went viral. Now those small artists are preforming at huge shows and taking their music careers even further and even inspiring new sounds of music. One viral song on TikTok can be stuck in our heads for the rest of our lives and want to bury our head into a pillow every time it plays on the radio because that’s how big of an effect it can make.

I see TikTok continuing to make a huge impact on our pop culture and other generations as time goes on. I’m really curious to see that in the future if another social media app will be launched to affect us the way that platform like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.. make on us as time as generations come and go.