Dawn FM

The Weekend recently released an album called “Dawn FM” on January 7th, 2022. The songs in it are Dawn FM, Gasoline, How Do I Make You Love Me?, Take My Breath, Sacrifice, A Tale By Quincy, Out Of Time, Here We Go…Again(feat. Tyler, The creator), Best Friends, Is There Someone Else? Starry Eyes, Every Angel Is Terrifying, Don’t Break My Heart, I Heard Your Married (feat.Lil Wayne) Less Than Zero, and Phantom Regret by Jim. My personal favorite is “Here We go…Again” and “Take My Breath.” Tyler, The Creator and The Weekend making a song together completely blew my mind and my ears, They’re my top two favorites so I was pretty excited about that song. This album I feel was a little more upbeat and happy then his other popular albums and honestly good for him. He is finally healing from all his heartbreak maybe! His heartbreak songs are my all time favorite and will always be.  This is a good album but it’s definitely not his best in my opinion. The Starboy album will always have a special place in my heart that no other album will ever be able to replace, “Die For You” is a song that you can play and immediately want to scream it out at the top of your lungs and I love it so much. This album cannot compete, but I still rate it an 8/10!