Last Year Repeats Itself With Schools Closing

Rural Vista High School was closed for a week.

With everyone eager to be back to in-person learning in hopes for a more “normal” school year, there’s a chance we might be disappointed yet again. Cases in Kansas have had another spike since the beginning of this school year sending many students into quarantine. Due to so many cases and students in quarantine, several Kansas schools temporarily shut down.

31 Kansas schools have reported COVID-19 outbreaks. 4 out of those 31 schools require masks, 2 out of 31 only have some students wearing masks, and 5 out of 31 encourage masks but are not required. So far, four Kansas school districts have temporarily shut down. With 40 cases in the first week of school, Wellington was the first district to shut down. Rural Vista High School was shut down for a week but opened back up on September 17. Due to many positive cases and quarantines, schools have found themselves with another issue, struggling to find teachers substitutes.

Mark Tallman, the associate executive director of the Kansas Association of School Boards, says “No one wants to go back to mandates. No one wants to have kids in quarantine. No one wants to think about closing schools. The idea is to live as close to normal as possible to get the best possible environment.”

Instead of schools figuring out how they can make this school year as “normal” as we can get it, they’re going to have to start figuring out how to keep their students and staff safe and rule out more mask requirements and social distancing rules. All schools currently shut down are hoping to open back up by today, September 20.

Currently Kansas has 1,400 positive cases.