Ms Hall’s glass forming class

“How long have you been teaching glass forming?”

-”I’ve been teaching for glass forming for 29 years but I’ve been a art teacher for 33 years”

“Why do you like teaching glassing forming?’’

-”I like the tactile and the way the glass reacts to heat, it reminds me of when I used to blow glass which I love”

“What’s your favorite part about the class?’’

-”The joy I experience when my students get excited and make new creations and discovery”

“Do you have any funny stories?’’

-”When Kaylea complains about her nails or just anything in general and I get to make witty comebacks which are always good” 

“Why did you choose to become a art teacher?”

-”I enjoy seeing my students come up with their own ideas and watching their minds expand”

“What’s the hardest part about the class for you?”

-”When my students don’t want to engage with what I’m teaching”