Therapeutic Songs and How They Can Help.


Faith Lininger

A list of songs mentioned in the article following.

Many people can agree that different songs evoke different emotions from the listener. Songs that are more rock, or alternative, can help people with anger. The lyrics and the beat may soothe the listener’s frustration, or make them feel more understood. Songs with a slower, calmer beat may make the listener feel more relaxed and can lull someone to sleep. Each music genre consists of different beats and tempo’s, each one causing a different emotion, or state of mind.

Some songs can put people into a depressed mood, while also helping others with their depression. One example of this is ‘Silent Scream’, by Anna Blue. It’s a lesser-known song, but it’s talking about a child and how the world wants them to be something they’re not or something they can’t be or don’t want to be. Sadly, many teenagers or pre-teens in society tend to feel pressured into something they can’t see themself capable of, and it tends to lead them down a dark path of not feeling good enough. This song helps with that fact, as it gives a voice to those people, and can let them know that they aren’t alone in the world, and it’s not their fault that they don’t meet every expectation for them. 

Another genre, a more popular one, tends to put people into a happy, or empowered move. Some of those songs include ‘Move’ by Little Mix, a European band that is not well known in the States, or ‘Determinate’ from the Disney Channel movie Lemonade Mouth. They’re both upbeat, and the tempo is one that makes the listener want to move or sing. They can even make the listener want to get up and dance or feel more confident and powerful. 

‘Fully Alive’, a song by the Christian rock band Flyleaf, is a song about someone who is glad for the comforts in life, because they suffered before, and because they’re finally able to experience something good. ‘In My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes is a song about depression and anxiety, and how, no matter how soul shattering it can be, they can’t give up, because it’s not who they are, and it’s not what they stand for. ‘Rise’ by pop star Katy Perry has a similar theme as ‘In My Blood’. The lyrics tell the story of someone who won’t give up and won’t give in no matter how much the world tries to stop them. 

‘Monster’ by Skillet, another Christian rock band, can be interpreted in a few ways, and help in many, similar to ‘Silent Scream’. It can help the listener with possible self-hatred, or anger towards themselves, or it may help someone to realize that what they feel isn’t something nobody else has experienced. ‘Daughters of Darkness’ by Halestorm is empowering and is a good song for friends to bond too. 

There are millions of songs in the world, and each one has a different message, and each one can evoke a different emotion, and embodies a different theme. It’s unlikely to list all of them in one place and likely impossible to listen to each one in a normal lifetime. But each one can be therapeutic and soothing. In fact, each person feels different to each song, and it’s up to them to decide which ones will help them the most.