School Closing’s Effects on Families


Faith Lininger

Tag your social media posts with #ApartButNeverAlone, to remind everyone that we’re never alone.

Lots of families are affected by the closing of schools this year. Families with children of all ages. Younger children have to rely on their parents or older siblings to teach them things their teachers normally would, and middle schoolers and high schoolers have to rely on themselves to keep up in their classes.

For many students, school could have been an escape from a poor home life. For many parents, it gave them a few fleeting moments to relax and breathe. Now, everyone is stuck in one place. Events are cancelled, and rules have had to be changed. Seniors have lost their Senior Prom, which was supposed to take place on April 11th, and Seniors may even have to miss their graduation until the Pandemic has cleared up. 

Some towns, like Marion, are finding ways to celebrate the 2020 Senior Class, by lighting up the scoreboard at 20:20 hours, or 8:20 pm. McPherson High School is lighting up on April 17th, at 8:20 pm as well. The Stay at Home order is taking it’s toll on many, and many are suffering, but the beauty of being in a small community is that, even when we’re so far apart, we are so close together. Everyone is here for everyone, no matter what age, what condition you are in. There are people in the community willing to lend a hand to anybody in need. 

It’s the 21st Century, and although we are quarantined, we have never been closer to other human beings.