Student Life is Harder Than Teachers Think

Have you ever had a day where you want to just sleep, but you still have homework? Well yes, I’m assuming that everyone has. With everything going on in someone’s life, who has time for homework? You have family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, social life, sports, clubs, jobs, church, and with all of that you have school to top it all off. Of course school is important, but there comes a time when sleep becomes more important. I don’t know if this is a myth or if it’s true, but do teachers know that we have more than one class to study for? And if you are going to extend deadlines, why not tell us before we stay up till 12 o’clock just to get it done. 

This might not be the case for many students, but from what I’ve heard it happens a lot. Especially with having to be a student athlete, it’s much harder to do homework on a bus than it seems. My purpose is to gain a tutor for sports, someone to regularly check up on the athletes grades and attendance. A school in Cincinnati, Ohio has a tutor to help out at the school, it worked fantastically.  Someone to help athletes if we need it. If we could have a day where we just do homework, that’d be great too. 

Students also want to see where they are at with their grade. A lot of teachers don’t put in their grades as often as they should. If we have to get homework done at a specific time then they should put in our grades at a specific time. Not a month later. This also makes a difference for the athletes. If they have an F but got an A on a test, then it should raise their grade. But if the teacher doesn’t put in the grade, they have to sit out for games. That isn’t fair to the player to have to wait for their grade to change. 

Overall, students have a lot to carry on their backs. Teachers don’t need to make it harder than it already is.