Takin’ It To The Mat


Jonah Clarke

Clarke wrestling a dual in Winfield, Kansas

Wrestling is a very competitive sport here at McPherson High, and is also one of the most dangerous. You can pull a tendon or hamstring, break an arm or leg or even get a black eye.  Jonah Clarke wrestles against the odds of getting hurt. Jonah Clarke, a senior wrestler at MHS is continuing his 13th year of wrestling. Clarke said, “The rewards that you get out of <wrestling> is rewarding when you risk so much for something even greater.”  


There are many ways to continue wrestling after high school. Clarke is wanting to continue his wrestling career through college.  Clarke said “I want to wrestle at Fort Hays next year while I’m there for academic studies.” 


Though it is Clarke’s last year in High School wrestling, he is excited for the future while still looking back at all of his highlights. Clarke said, “I’m sad that this is my last year wrestling but also not.  I want to do the best I can and hopefully be the top wrestler in the state.”


Clarke has had many great matches in his 13 years of wrestling but his best one was his junior year when he was wrestling the number 3 kid in a 321a and Clarke wasn’t ranked. He told himself to just work hard and be confident. He wrestled as hard as he could and ended up beating him 10-5. Clarke advanced to the finals in that tournament. Clarke is a varsity wrestler in his final year of his high school career.