MHS Girl Wrestlers had an Immeasurable First Meet

With winter here we have sport seasons coming back and even new sports too! For the first time this year we are having girls wrestling apart from the boys, so the girls have it for their own and not just as a boy sport. Girls have been wrestling for four years but it all started when Mya Kretzer wanted to have it as her own. Her father is also the wrestling coach for girls at the High School so he has had a part in this too. 

The girls had their first tournament on Saturday December 7th and they were very motivated, excited and optimistic about it. As well as the boys. The tournament was individually counted so there wasn’t any team winnings, but we did have some girls win. We had Natalie Hedlund at 101 B, Amethyst Hale at 123 B, Holli Giddings at 155 B, and Brittani Burgess at 170 B.

“I think it gives a lot more opportunity to girls, and there are obvious different body parts to both girls and boys, so it’s more fair and separate. Mya krutzer fought hard to get girls to be separate from boys and that was a big achievement for her. I know she was a big part in that,” said Trinity Webster a Junior. 

 We hope the girls keep pushing hard to get to the state championship to win. If they do this will be the very first state championship for the girls wrestlers here at McPherson High School.