Prank, or Big Mistake?

On Thursday, November 21st, the students in Mrs. Shook’s 6th hour College Bound English Class experienced an unpleasant-yet enlightening event. Unexpectedly, the room began to fill with Pepper spray.

It started at the door, slowly rolling in, hitting the students closest to the doors first. At first, no one knew what was going on. Students were just coughing, slowly spreading through the room as if the cough itself were contagious. A few said their throats burned, and they felt choked. It was a slow realization, and once someone announced that it was pepper spray, the class moved into the Little Theater for refuge from the air.

Students recovered from the fit, the door from the Little Theater closed to prevent the pepper spray from continuing further. After a few minutes of fresh air and making sure nobody was having allergic reactions to the spray, Mrs. Shook reopened the door to check the room, but the pepper spray remained, and began moving into the Little Theater. 

The class left the theater and moved into the hall, and then outside. The hallway was distinctly clear of the pepper spray smell, removing suspicion that it was from an outside source. 

After a few moments outside, in the cold, most students without jackets, they returned to the class. Many used the collar of their shirts as protection from the smell and tang of the spray, braving it to fetch their things. 

Going to safety, the students and Mrs. Shook took refuge in the AC until the class period ended, continuing on with their class plans as scheduled.


What Really Happened

According to information gathered from sources-students who were in the classroom during the event-a student sprayed a can of pepper spray away from the class, simply intending to check that it still functioned properly, and unintentionally caught the right air flow for the spray to turn around and flow back into the room. 

It is not clear who sprayed the pepper spray, but it is clear that instead of some prank of unsuspecting students, the entire event was merely an accident, one that caused an interesting commotion, and made the otherwise clockwork day interesting for the students in the class at the time.