Waste Of Our Time



Geometry is one of the hardest math classes I have ever taken so far.

Homework. Why do we really need it?

Parents and teachers both say we need it to learn and make sure we understand what we are learning. I personally believe that homework is a waste of our time. We will have it every night of every week. It takes up half of our time because we wanna pass our classes and by doing that we have to do it. But since it takes up half or our time we won’t have time to hang out with our friends and family. Yes it may be a good idea to have homework but giving it to us every night is not necessary.

Having lots of homework means we are always stressed and will have anxiety attacks over them because we might be doing them wrong. Homework does not help kids mentally but it does physically. Mental health is way more important then physical health. If someone does not have good mental health then that person won’t have good physical health which means won’t have good grades and will not pass classes because of it.

Homework will often help some of us, but to others sometimes it is confusing and hard to understand. Even when the teacher will help some of us during class once we get home our minds have gone completely blank and we will forget everything we learned. The stuff we learn in class will make sense to us because the teacher is explaining it to us very clearly, but as soon as our homework is handed out it is completely different then the material we learned. Homework is only 10% of our grade so it does not really effect our grade, but it would still be wise of us to do it.

Homework will help us with our tests in classes but then it also won’t because just like the material we learn is different then the homework we get. Tests and homework won’t have the same type of material. On the homework there will be certain sections we will be doing, but as soon as we get tests everything is different. There will be a certain question on the homework/study guide we will know but on the tests it won’t be the same. Homework is a waste of our time because it does absolutely nothing to our kind and will not help us in our future.

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