Do You Dare To Enter?

Drew Scofield

Photograph from Cleveland News 5

What is a haunted house? A haunted house is a house that is inhabited by demons or spirits. But the haunted houses we go to are nothing like that. The ones we go too are all pretend, because all of the “demons or clowns” are actually people who are dressed up in costumes to pretend they are demons, clowns, dolls, or even spirits. We go into the haunted house not scared or frightened, we go in completely normal or fine. Once we step foot into that haunted house or even forest the mood changes and everything becomes scary and it feels like your going to pee your pants. 


Haunted houses are supposed to be scary and fun. You could be terrified at one point in the house and next you could be having a really fun time. Haunted houses have very strict rules, the actors are not allowed to touch us and we are not allowed to touch them. If one of the actors touches us we tell the workers and they could be fired. But if we touch them then we get thrown out. We are also not allowed to touch the set or prop because it might mess up the whole house. We are also not allowed to have a type of flashlight because it could hurt someone’s eyes with all of the lights that are already out and it might mess up the actors vision and will not be able to do their job. 


There are some parts of the haunted house where some people may not be able to breathe because of claustrophobia. People could also have anxiety or panic attack in the house which would ruin all of the fun but they can not help it. I went to a haunted Saturday night with some friends of mine and I could not breathe inside of the house or for 2 hours after we got out because of how many times I screamed and had panic attacks and was claustrophobic. Haunted houses are fun but you might wanna go at your own risk.