McPherson High School Fall Homecoming 2019


High school year is a very important time in a young adult’s life, it’s where you make really good friends, start dating, decide what you’re going to do in the future, college and whatever else. A lot of the big things that happen in high school are sports and dances. We get excited for football, basketball, homecoming and prom. But when we have uncertainty with what’s going on in the high school it’s hard to find out what to get excited for.

When the time comes to have homecoming or prom it can get complicated and exciting really fast. The STUCO is setting up everything, the date, the time, what the theme is, where. People are getting asked to go to prom or homecoming. Everyone’s getting excited for it, but are trying to decide what to wear, where to eat, and when they should make plans for it. It can wander onto everyone’s mind. We need to know what’s going on to plan for all of these things. 

Personally, I was having a hard time knowing what the theme was for homecoming and what time it was. I also didn’t understand why it was after the game, because then most of the football players would show up late, and it went late into the night. I had to find out from my friends what time it was and what the theme was. A lot of them didn’t know a ton of information about homecoming either. 

Once homecoming finally came it was a blast, the music was great, the snacks were good, and I had a good time with friends. I wish there could have been less bafflement leading up to homecoming, but it worked out fine. Hopefully next year there will be less confusion and more of making plans and getting excited for homecoming.