The Impact of Netflix’s Mini-Series, Unbelievable

The Netflix mini-series ‘Unbelievable’ was released Friday, September 13, 2019.  This show is based on the true story of Marie Adler. 

Marie, was sexually assaulted and failed by the police system. The way they conducted the investigation was not adequate. The police pressured her to tell her story and more than once. Due to the police pressuring Marie there were inconsistencies in her story causing them not to believe her.

Since the release of Unbelievable, Marie’s story has become a powerful message. It’s started conversations among  many people, especially women who have been through the same type of situations as Marie. A lot of the conversations have corresponded with the #MeToo movement. 

#MeToo was founded in 2006 to help survivors of sexual abuse. It started out mainly for Black women and other women of color. It has since become something for many women to identify with.  The main goal of the movement is to bring a change in our culture. Those changes being in how we prevent, and respond to sexual harassment and violence. Many people say that the movement has made a positive impact on their lives and helped them to share their stories.