Cheerleaders and HiSteppers perform with the Lil Bullpup Clinic


McPherson High School cheerleader, with fifth through eighth graders, cheering to get the crowd pumped.

During half time of the McPherson Varsity Football game on Friday, September 20, McPherson High School Cheerleaders and HiSteppers brought out the Lil Bullpups Clinic to perform a dance routine and to cheer alongside the older girls. About forty-five kids joined to perform at half time. The cheerleaders and HiSteppers certainly got the crowd pumped up for the second part of the game.

The cheerleaders and HiSteppers only practiced the routines once with the Lil Bullpups before the game. 

“We basically divide up all the kids that show up to the clinic by grade, and then all the cheerleaders and HiSteppers are separated into different groups to teach a certain grade,” Cheerleader Birckly Schwartz said. “Every single group learns a dance and a cheer then tomorrow we do the dance and the cheers together.” 

First, the Bullpups did a cheer with the cheerleaders and then went on to do a dance routine with the HiSteppers. The first and second graders danced to“Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” High School Musical 2, the third and fourth graders danced to “Surf Crazy” a song from the Teen Beach movie, and the rest danced to “Surfin USA” by the Beach Boys. 

The cheerleaders and HiSteppers wanted girls or boys wanting to join cheer or dance to be ready for when they get to high school.

“We taught them the basics of cheerleading and showed them that it’s not just peppiness,”  Cheerleader, Emily Heskett said. “There’s stunts, jumping, and kicks. We had a good time with them, it brought teamwork out of everyone to help them out.” 

The Lil Bullpups were so adorable that everyone went crazy for them after they were done.