Do you have Senioritis?

Ava Howard , Staff Writer

“I wouldn’t say I have “senioritis”, but in the short amount of days we’ve had school I have been irritated by having to come to class. I have most of the credits I need to graduate already, so it’s frustrating having to take classes I don’t necessarily need.
My level of “senioritis” has definitely grown and it will continue to unfortunately. Today was actually the first day I really wanted to just go home and be done already.
My grades haven’t slipped yet and I don’t plan on letting them. I believe I am a pretty good student and I always get my work done, even on the hardest days. In the upcoming months I hope to finish strong and see the light at the end of the tunnel!” Said by Senior Taylor Boesker
“Yes. On a scale from 1-10 I would say an 8. It is effecting my grades positively as I am taking 12 credit hours and need to have good grades or I won’t get into the best Med School” – Said by Senior Alexia Toler
“Yeah. Um, like 50/50 I guess. No” Said by Senior Ally Soukup