Advice For The People of MHS


Faith Lininger, Staff Writer

For the past 3 years, I have been wondering about an advice column for the McPherson High School newspaper, a place to get helpful advice, and remain anonymous throughout the whole thing. 

Quite often, teens will talk to peers about their problems more than an adult, even a trusted adult. Students just don’t feel comfortable talking to adults about their problems, like school work, or relationships, because they don’t feel that said adults will be able to give them the help they want. They think that their friends and close peers will be able to answer questions and give them better advice, since they’re dealing with the same issues at the same time. Students may believe that since adults aren’t dealing with those problems at the moment, then their advice won’t be as potent, or helpful. 

But the question is, will it help the students of MHS? Or will it be a column that will be ignored by students and writers alike? 

Students! How would you feel about a place to vent and never get judged? Would you be excited? Relieved? Or more stressed? Is it better to tell people how you feel, anonymously, and get a straightforward answer, or stew in your problems and try to solve them yourself? Sometimes a few helping words is all you need to have a solution, whether it’s encouragement, advice, or a conversation that lasts for hours. 

It’s up to you. If you’re interested, our advice hot spot is on Instagram, at ‘mcphersonhighlifeadvice’. If you’re unable to use Instagram, email us, at ‘[email protected]’! I promise, you will not go unanswered!