Every Talent Welcome

MHS Variety Show Poster

Faith Lininger

MHS Variety Show Poster

Faith Lininger, Staff Writer

With corny jokes and amazing feats, the MHS Variety Show has a special place in the hearts of McPherson High School performers. Amazing juggling, magic, and vocals are all to be expected. Everyone has a special preference, a level of skill, and a chance to show their talents to the community of McPherson.

On April 26th, at 7:00 pm, McPherson High School will be hosting a Variety Show, starring Faith Lininger, Jakub Brown, Madie Speirs, Max and Mary, Jay Ford, Bridget Menke, Analicia and Guadalupe Rocha, Naomy Aguilar, and Merris Neighbors.

In prior years at McPherson High School, only one Variety Show was planned per year. In 2016-2017,  the Variety Show was held at the end of the school year, in April. During the school year of 2017-2018, the Variety Show did not have enough auditionees to continue forward at all. This year, we had a show in the fall, and for Spring, there is a high in the number of participants in over 2 years. There are 11 people participating, including an Acting Duet, a Violinist, and a Magician.

This year’s Variety Show holds a lot of promise and is bound to be interesting for acts, judges, and audience alike.