The Antisocial Teen’s Guide To Getting A Prom Date


Faith Lininger

The Anti Social Teen’s Guide: Getting A Prom Date – Graphic Design

Faith Lininger, Staff Writer

For some people, getting a Prom Date is simple. They aren’t afraid to go big and risk rejection… Others are a little shyer and uncomfortable with the thought of trying. For those in the world who aren’t afraid to be extreme, you rock at scoring a Prom Date, and for those with the fear of even speaking around that one special person… You can rock at scoring that date.

Do what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t want to go all out and make some huge effort, don’t. Some people would reject a promposal like that, especially if you seem uncomfortable doing it. If what you’re comfortable with is a trend off Social Media, go for it! If you need someone’s help to get close to the person you want to ask, tell someone who knows that person. Whatever you do, it’s best to be comfortable with your decision, rather than doing something unfamiliar and crazily out of your comfort zone. Don’t be someone else, be you.

Think positively. You’re not as likely to get rejected as you like to think. This probably seems like a far fetched idea to anyone with anxiety or anyone who is very pessimistic, or depressed. But it is very true. The more positive you are about the outlook of the proposal, the more likely you are to get a positive answer. The answer you get partially depends on your attitude towards the subject. Just don’t fill your head with extreme fantasies. It’s very easy to do.

Hold that till the first date.

If it’s someone you’ve never spoken to one-on-one, don’t sweat it. Most people who give advice tend to base everything around already having a friendship with the person you like. Some people are like that, and it’s great for them, but for those shy people who are too terrified to speak to someone they think is attractive… Not so much advice is given to them. It’s kind of stressful for those people, too, which makes them even more nervous to ask. Just do what you’re comfortable with, get help from a friend, just make sure you’re the one asking, and not your friend.

And finally… Just ask them. A lot of the time, people over complicate things in their minds. They overthink, overreact, and freak themselves out, evidently talking themselves out of even trying to ask. The best thing to do is to not think at all. Make a plan, and then think only of that plan. Don’t think ahead, don’t wonder what they’ll say. Go over your plan, be confident and think positively. Do not let your mind get away from you.