James Charles Makeup Palette – Worth it?


James Charles’ Makeup Palette Release Photo

Faith Lininger, Editor

This is a ‘5 Question, 5 Answer’ kind of things.

1.) Pigmentation, (or for you non-aspiring beauty guru’s), The Coloration?
The color pay off is amazing. For some colors, like the white in the palette, you can layer it to get a really blinding white, or a very transparent brow bone highlight, while with others, the coloration is immediate and obvious. James stated in his release video, where he swatched all the colors for everyone to see, that some of them were pressed pigments, meaning they would need to be patted on and used over a real eye shadow primer, rather than normal concealer, like many makeup artists use as a cheaper alternative.
2.) Variety?
There are 39 different colors in the palette, each one a different shade and/or color. The top two rows are a mix of nude, or more regular, every day wear shadows, the middle row which is made of much larger plates, James said he would expect buyers to get much use from, as they range from bright white, to a pitch black shade, the name of that color being ‘spooky’. The bottom two rows are more rainbow colors, including a shimmery purple shade, a hot pink shade, and a neon green shade. There is definitely a large variety of colors here, and they look fabulous!
3.) Price?
Now, this palette, like many YouTuber collaboration palette’s, is worth quite a pretty penny. $39 dollars, not including tax and shipping if you purchase it online. It’s not quite as expensive as Jeffree Star’s palettes, which usually range over $40 or $45 dollars, but it’s also more expansive than the palette Sylvia Gani, another Beauty Guru, created with B.H. Cosmetics, which is only $24 dollars.
4.) Size?
This palette is quite large, and with 39 different shades, it needs to be quite big, otherwise consumers would be pretty disappointed, even with the amazing color payoff aforementioned. It’s, judging by the size in many YouTube reviews, it’s about the length of your forearm, which, unless your 5, is decently large.
5.) Is It Worth It?
After combing through video after video of people destroying the palette, reviewing the palette, and click baiting bad reviews, I definitely think this palette is worth the money. James Charles worked for a while on the formula’s, the colors, and even managed to get a true red in there, which seems to be pretty hard in the Makeup World. His palette can be used for normal beauty looks, or totally over the top looks that make you look more fabulous then ever! It’s a little pricey, like most Collaborated palettes are, but if you are wanting eye shadows that are good quality, have good color, and is yet still cheaper than some palette’s in the beauty industry, I definitely think that the James Charles X Morphe Palette is the right choice for you.
So, Sisters, as James Charles says… Would you buy it?
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James Charles’ Makeup Palette