10 Winter Finals Study Hacks


Faith Lininger

A candle’s reflection in a dark window.

Faith Lininger, Staff Writer

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Winter Finals are important, and Wintertime is a great time to study. It’s quiet, and when you’re done, you can cuddle up in warm blankets alongside a fire with hot chocolate and whatever Winter customs make you comfortable. Just get a nice, large mug of hot chocolate, your study books, and settle in. With these ten hacks, and just a few silent, studious hours, you will be ready to take your Winter Finals, and ready to ace them with flying colors.

  1. Study in a secluded, clean room with no distractions. {The cleaner it is, the less likely you will be too procrastinate and clean up messes.}
  2. Put your phone screen down, or in a different room, turned off/on silent {If you can’t see/hear it, it’s less likely to be on your mind.}
  3. Have all of your studying materials in front of you, and organized {If everything is in front of you, and in an orderly fashion, you won’t need to reach around to find things you need.}
  4. Light a scented candle, one that fits to the season or your own sensory preferences {Soft scents can put you in a state of mind that is perfect for studious activities.}
  5. Close the door. {It cuts out unnecessary distractions and sounds.}
  6. Put on quiet music. Preferably music without lyrics, like nature sounds, or classical music. Keep the volume on low, so that it is not disrupting your thoughts. {This is much like lighting a candle. The soft sounds can keep you focused and on task, so long as they aren’t loud, or make you want to sing along, which counts as a distraction.}
  7. Sit in a comfortable chair, with a straight back and a solid surface for your studying materials. {It may seem more desirable to sit in a bean bag, or on a bed, but the reality is, you want to be comfortable while you study, but if you are too comfortable, you are likely to fall asleep rather than study.}
  8. Be in room that is familiar. {You don’t want to be in an unfamiliar space. If the room is familiar, it is comfortable, causing you to relax and think more of the task at hand.}
  9. Get a good night sleep the night before studying, and the night before a test. {The better rested you are, the more likely your brain is to absorb information and use that information.}
  10. Take Snack Breaks. {If you’re feeling hungry, you should either eat a snack or drink some water. Dehydration can make your brain slow down, and can imitate hunger. If drinking water doesn’t work, definitely munch on something (like celery with peanut butter, maybe some fruit. Avoid sugar, it may make you more hyper, and is likely to distract you from studying.}

Use these ten hacks when you study up for your Winter Finals, and you will be happy, and secure in mind when Christmas Break falls upon McPherson High School. That way, you can relax and enjoy the food, the presents, and time with your family!