Global Warming, or Just Kansas?


Macy Gorsuch

October 16, 2018

Faith Lininger, Staff Writer

How would you know that you’ve entered Kansas? If it’s almost 80 degrees one day, and the next, it’s below twenty, with snow on the ground, you’re in Kansas. Or, is that just global warming coming into effect? A lot of people would argue that Kansas has always had wacky weather, and others would argue that it’s all the cause of Global Warming.

Global warming is an actual, big issue in the world today, but some places do just have odd weather. After all, not long before the snow fell, McPherson, Kansas had an entire day of heavy, pouring rain. I asked a student from McPherson High School what they thought. Is the weather we’ve received in October of 2018 regular for Kansas, or is it a man made issue, like Global Warming?

“I think it’s global warming. The weather’s been getting more extreme year by year.” – said Jay Ford, Freshman

Global Warming, which is the warming of the atmosphere, is still often seen as a hoax, a lie throughout all media. It doesn’t explain the snowfall, after such a hot day, so perhaps that really was just regular old Kansas weather.