Not Enough Chromebooks

Faith Lininger, Staff

James Logan High School


It’s the beginning of the year again, with new students, new classes, and new friends. The autumn and winter months of 2018 are sure to be interesting this year, as we have a Freshman class that seemed to have extended larger than many staff members, and students, at McPherson High School anticipated. The result of this is rumors that there is not enough Chromebooks for every student coming to the high school. So, I asked some of the High School staff that I met in the library about their thoughts concerning this incident and the rumors surrounding it.

“Yes, initially we didn’t have enough, but we should now…””

— Mrs. Pyle, Librarian

So, the rumors are true, though the issue has already been resolved. I asked why there was a limited number of chromebooks, and Mrs Pyle said it was for numerous reasons, two of them being more students than expected, and broken chromebooks from last year’s seniors.

I also asked a few students if they have heard of the rumors, or if they’d heard anything about this incident, and their thoughts on it.

“Yes. It’s the teacher’s fault for not being ready.””

— Jason Cotton, Junior

“Not really sure how to react.””

— Rebekah Brown, Junior


— Aaliyah Halsey, Sophomore

“Yes. I think they should know that they were going to be short and remember to have more availability. But I might be wrong.””

— Macy Gorsuch, Junior


Whether rumor or truth, it appears that news travels fast, and now that the school year of 2018-2019 has begun, more surprises are bound to appear in the gossip that spreads between students and their friends, family, and teachers. Its ought to make this year even more interesting for everyone else.