Makeup: The Glam vs The Gore


Faith Lininger, Staff

For those who may have not noticed, makeup is more than just blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. Most guys typically couldn’t care about the difference between eye shadow brands and eye shadow pigmentation, and most people don’t know the difference between latex and silicone. Although both the glam side of makeup, aka, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, is most commonly known, makeup has a second side. Gore. In The Walking Dead, the zombies aren’t just painted. It takes more than your everyday beauty products to get that peeling flesh look.

In every horror, thriller, mystery, sci-fi, or fantasy movie or series, FX makeup, or Special Effects makeup, is used to give the actors and actresses their unique features, from burns and scars, to flat noses and pointed ears. Of course, the glam side of makeup is used as well, to make characters’ features more intriguing, sometimes with a wild eye look, lip look, or just colorful designs on their faces.

Many people will say that makeup artists don’t do much, but to make a movie in a long span of time, the artists have to make life casts, a sculpture of an actor or actress’ exact features, and make the prosthetic to put on their faces. As awesome as it would be to be able to use the same prosthetic over and over, they are typically only good for one use per piece. Makeup artists have to make hundreds of the same prosthetic to get the same look every day in filming. That takes a lot of work, and a lot of talent.

The next time someone tells you that being a makeup artist is easy, remind them that to film the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it took 274 days. That is a lot of prosthetic pieces to make, for a lot of actors and actresses. Makeup artists also have to, along with making the pieces for the actors, from facial pieces, to full body pieces, have to apply the prosthetic to the actor or actress, make sure it won’t come off, paint it, and have the actor on set before their scene needs to be shot. Not only do makeup artists have to do repetitive work, but they also have to do it in a short span of time as quick as possible.

Glam artists have to do so too in movie and TV Show shoots, but if you go to a salon to get your makeup done, remember, they’re not rushing around with at least 50 different people, trying to glue pieces of silicone, latex, and foam to your face and paint it in a short span of time. Makeup is hard, for both glam artists and gore artists.

Personally, I prefer the gore side of makeup, I mean, who doesn’t love making themselves into a zombie or werewolf for Halloween? Fake blood has it’s perks, and not just for pranks. Beauty makeup, which is Glam makeup, is fun, but come on, you don’t get to splatter yourself with fake blood and totally change every feature of your face, becoming someone totally different for a couple hours!