Dismissed Movie Review


CeAnna Allen

Run Time- 1:26
Initial release- October 2017
Genre- Thriller film

A new movie has broke out on Netflix and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Dismissed, starring Dylan Sprouse as Lucas Ward, came out October of 2017 but is now blowing up after getting put on Netflix earlier this month. The movie is now in the trending section of Netflix and I think it fully deserves to be.
Yes, you may say Dylan Sprouse’ name sounds familiar and you’re right. Dylan is most commonly known as playing Zack on the hit Disney show, Zack and Cody alongside his twin brother Cole. After the shows spinoff ended in 2011, Dylan was off the acting charts and attended Gallatin School of Individualized Study with his brother until 2015. Cole later got a lead role in the hit show Riverdale and gained fame back instantly. While he was up to that, Dylan was filming this movie and we all are ecstatic that the sprouse twins are back in the game!
In the movie, a straight edged English teacher is taken for a crazy ride after Lucas Ward rolls into town. The new honors student seemed like a nice kid that was just ridiculously smart and a little odd but turned out to be a teenager with a lot of issues and a borderline psychopath. Once this teacher starts to get suspicious of Lucas, things tumble downhill even faster. This thriller was definitely worth the watch and the hype.
It’s safe to say, disappointment is not in the cards for Dylan on his first post-Zack role. He was absolutely terrifying and played this character beautifully. I am super excited to see what is next for this still young actor that I seriously love watching! Dismissed was a terrifyingly great movie and I think it deserves to be watched!