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Halloween: The Time To Be A Kid

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Halloween: The Time to be a Kid

October is a time of sweaters, leaves, and everything spooky.  For many people, fall is their favorite time of year.  I mean how could it not be?  Jeans, fuzzy socks, and a sweatshirt is a great style, not to mention super comfy.  October also comes with many seasonal drinks such as hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes.  For me fall is a really relaxing time, from the cool air and blowing leaves to Halloween decorations taking over stores and house lawns.  Aisles stocked with candy corn and everything chocolate to horror movies taking over screens throughout houses and theaters.  Pumpkin patches and mazes with no end.  So many fun and exciting things follow the month of October, it’s hard not to crave the times.

Then comes Halloween.  Kids running through the streets on the 31st, bags full to the rim with chocolates and candy.  A tradition carried on for so long, the memories are endless.  Shoving our faces with flavored cavities, comparing them with siblings, making trades (a Snickers for a Twix).  Those nights could be so cold, and yet you could feel so warm inside.  

As kids we remember the struggle it was to figure out what you wanted to be for Halloween.  So many choices yet so little time.  Then, it clicks in your adolescent brain.  Your decision is made.  Now comes the fun part.  You get your costume (either from a store or homemade) and try it on.  You see yourself in the mirror with a giddy face of excitement and makeup.  Voila.  Off you go to collect your dues.  A simple ‘trick or treat’ got you enough snacks for months to come.  For a kid, Halloween is the best time to be alive, and to get a sugar high.  

Now, in high school, you’re considered too old to trick or treat.  Too old to dress up in costumes, too old to ask for free candy.  Too old to be a kid.  And yet, we do it.  Why not?  I mean the candy’s free, and you get to dress up.  Why listen to the “too old’s”?  I think that’s the best part about Halloween.  Everyone gets to be a kid again.  You also have a more than valid reason to be on a sugar high.    

Halloween, no matter how old you are, is the time to be a kid.  So go on.  Dress up in a costume and put on that makeup.  Run down the streets like the kid you are.  Just don’t forget to stop at the houses with the porch light on.  You and your inner child are getting candy.  

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Halloween: The Time To Be A Kid