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Halloween Around the World

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Halloween Around The World


Spiderwebs and candy delights,

Pumpkins and houses centered around fright.

Halloween time is near,

put on your costume,

it happens once a year.

October is here,

all the world trembles in fear-

or do they?

America loves Halloween. For some reason there is nothing better than almost peeing your pants because you’re so scared. We all know what happens in America, but what about other countries? Do they have “Halloween”? Are there other traditions that we don’t know about?


Samhain (“sow-in”)

We can’t talk about Halloween without talking about Ireland. Samhain started out as a fire festival to ward off evil spirits. Druids wore big, ugly masks to confuse the evil. Some believed it was to stop the angry ghost from identifying the people that might have done them wrong in their past life. However, if one wasn’t into dressing up like a goblin then they would put up a bowl of warm milk and fruit to appease the evil or for protection.


Dia De Los Muertos (dee-ah th e laws mwer-taws)

‘The day of the dead’ celebrates the return of loved ones with festivals filled with life. Family members remember the things that the deceased enjoyed like eating candy. They also decorated an altar, located in their home, with flowers, candy, pictures, and occasionally music. Sometimes they even clean up the dead’s grave site, snipping weeds, planting flowers, the works. Festivals can include mariachi bands, and tequila.


Hungry Ghost Festival

The festival usually happens in July or August. It is one of the seven festivals that honor their ancestors. The festival’s are meant to please the spirits so that they don’t unleash the wrath. Usually the Chinese make a small altar to the dead, it includes pictures and food that is prepared at least three times a day. They believe that their ancestors are let out of hell on this day. A common belief is that when the spirits get out they need entertainment. Many try not to swim for the fear of being drowned by their bored ancestors or being alone like a pumpkin in October.

Halloween (HAH-loh-ween)

Children dress up in costumes and go around the neighborhood collecting candy. However that doesn’t stop adults and teens from participating. Devil’s Night, Bonfire Night, Tick-Tack Night, Corn Night, Trick Night, Micky Night, Gate Night, Hell Night and Goosey Night are common names for mischief and trickery. Many tricks are played on people such as egging a house, throwing rotten fruit at people and sometimes lighting fires on cars and houses (We don’t recommend this). In Detroit it is so bad that a group was made called Angel’s Watch that stop tricksters from unleashing the beast.

Now we know that other country’s like to pee themselves also. From angry ancestors to America liking to light things on fire. However something that is universal is Halloween safety. Please do not take any candy that looks like it was open already. Make sure that if you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends you don’t go somewhere sketchy and send your parents an update every once in awhile. It may seem uncool, but getting kidnapped isn’t cool either. Stay safe and go scare the sanity out of someone.


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