Do we need art in our lives?

"Almond Blossom" by Vincent Van Gogh

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Art is used all over the world as a way of speaking to the whole world without actually having to speak. Most people see art as something pretty to look at, but they don’t know how wrong they are. Art is the lifeblood of society, art is a voice to those who don’t have it, and art is emotions, all in one.
We look at art as a picture that can mean something to someone, or just a bunch of colors thrown on a canvas. Art comes in many different ways, including graffiti, body painting, or plain old sketching. When someone makes art, they make an opening to a world that can open the eyes of someone, and start a huge movement, such as Brussels during the Belgian Revolution who rioted to make Brussels the capital of Belgium. The art is called, “La Muette De Portici”. It is an opera by Daniel Auber in August 25, 1830. It led many people to mob the streets of Brussels because of how similar the situations were.
As Daniel Auber made an opera and it led to the people of Brussel causing riots, many others have spoken through their art. Pop Art is an artform used to criticize, or make fun of pop culture and mass media. Sometimes the voice you can give isn’t for the best. Andy Warhol and his Campbell’s Soup Cans gave off the wrong vibe, as many people thought he was advertising Campbell’s. This started the pop art and brought people out of their shell, and pop art skyrocketed with comedy, drama, and a new perspective.
Sometimes, when you look at a painting, or drawing, you can learn the backstory of the art form itself. Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, “Almond Blossoms,” tells the story of the birth of his nephew, and how blessed he felt. He gave the painting to the parents to hang over their bed. The painting is very beautiful to look at, but it’s much more enticing when you learn the full story and feel how he had felt.
Art teaches us new things we never knew before, like how movements can be started by a picture, or the history of a famous artist. Art teaches a story, and helps us better as people.

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