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What’s the last movie or TV show you watched?

Looking for some new interesting movies or Tv shows to watch? Here are some recommendations from students and teachers.

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Stranger Things”

— Rachel Carlson

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First Take, ESPN”

— Nicholas Griggs

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Fairy Tail”

— Simon Steinert

Why did it stick out to you?

“Because it’s very intriguing and scary.” -Rachel Carlson

“I enjoy it because it’s an anime that I can watch to escape reality.” -Simon Steinert

“It was talking about content that I cared about.” -Nicholas Griggs

Would you recommend it to friends, family etc.?

“Oh yeah, because it’s a show people could really get into.” -Rachel Carlson

“Yeah, because it’s a light hearted anime.” -Simon Steinert

Did this movie connect in any way to real life?

“No, not at all. Because it’s about aliens.” -Rachel Carlson

“In a way, conflict of interest, thrive for power, looking down on those beneath them, happiness, friendship and family.” -Simon Steinert

“I coached it [football] so I could really connect to the game.” -Nichols Griggs

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What’s the last movie or TV show you watched?