“Peak” by Roland Smith

Peak by Roland Smith

Mackenzie Oakes

Book Rating: PG

Genre of Book: Action, young adult fiction

Publish Date: 2007

Pages: Around 245 pages

  “Peak” was written by Roland Smith, an American young author of adult fiction and nonfiction children’s books. “Peak” is an action filled book about climbing mountains published in September 2007.  “Peak” is all told in Peak’s, a 14 year old child’s, point of view.

  The storyline of the book played out real well. It all just seemed to flow together and was an easy read. The events that are happening put a great image of what is truly going on in your head. It’s like you’re reading a movie instead of watching it. Reading the book it just all seemed to flow together. You never want to put the book down because of the way it is playing out. It makes you want to read the entire book at once just to get to the ending.

  “Peak” is a coming of age story full of action that will possibly have you on the edge of your seats. Peak has hit a rough spot in his life. Growing up with his mother, stepfather, and twin sisters in New York. One tragic day when Peak was climbing a skyscraper, right before he had time to tag the building, he was caught by the police and arrested. Having not seen or heard from his father in seven years it comes as a shock to him that his father is in the courtroom during his trial. He hopes that with his father there he will get out of most of the trouble.

  Peak is lucky his father was all about fame or he wouldn’t have came to his hearing. Peak finds out that his dad (Josh) is going to take him back to Tibet, where he lives, to place him into a school there. Josh has convinced everyone that they will be returning to the place he lives right away. In reality he taking Peak with him back to his base camp on Mt. Everest to be the youngest child to make it to the summit.

  With Peak’s dad all about fame and breaking records is there another reason, other than the fact that he hasn’t been with his son in 7 years, that Josh is taking Peak up to the summit. Is he really just using his son or does he want some father son bonding time? If you like action books filled with a bit of drama you will just have to read this book to find out the rest and go on the adventure with Peak.