The Cake Lady Settles In

Olivia Hansen, Co-editor

  The Cake Lady, a quaint McPherson cupcake and cookie bakery, begins to transition into their new building, 101 N. Main on February 1.

  “I think the move will be great for The Cake Lady,” The collective Cake Lady Facebook page said. “The walk in traffic has doubled from our old location. The building is beautiful and has so much potential. The coffee shop and our desserts go great together.”

  As The Cake Lady transitions into their new setting, the Well, looks forward to the hopefully future ahead. The Well plans to continue to serve coffee along with other beverages, but now have The Cake Lady alongside them.

  “One of our only big transitions is our new boss, but she is really sweet and so are her other bakers!” Well employee Ellea Ediger said. “I love The Cake Lady cookies and I would be upset that we aren’t making the Well’s cookies anymore, but I really can’t complain because I get the leftover Cake Lady cookies and cupcakes!”

  Growing up in McPherson, nearly every child experienced the magic of a Cake Lady cookie. The cozy room, the wide selection of muffin mixes, was all too welcoming.

 “I love The Cake Lady frosting!” senior Sarah Houston exclaimed. “I remember running across the hot pavement from the opera house to The Cake Lady during Ulster so we’d have cupcakes to eat while practicing for a show!”

 The Cake Lady opened its new doors on February 1, currently inviting new, as well as past, lovers of their fine treats and goodies.