Wrestling is Ready to Spiral Ride into the Season

Zaida Chapman, Journalism 1 Student

November 30, 2015 will be the opening preview of the winter sports ahead of us. Come out at 5:30pm at the high school, to get your Bullpup wrestlers rowdy for the season that lies ahead of them! It’s going to be a night filled with cold weather and a lot of excitement!

There are three state qualifiers returning from last year. Austin Eldredge, junior, took third in state weighing in at 106. Kaleb Jost, a senior, who also took third in state weighing at 185. Junior Kobe Unruh, was a state qualifier as a freshman at MHS. He didn’t attend MHS as a sophomore but is back.

Coach Doug Kretzer expresses how he is confident with the team he has this year. “We’ve got numerous key wrestlers to watch this year,” said Kretzer. “We had Andrew Trowbridge move away and that one hurts a little bit because he was good, tough wrestler for us last year.” Coach Kretzer included that Luke Thompson had a good season last year as well and to keep an eye on him during this season.

“We only lost 2 seniors last year so we wrestle a real tough schedule and we go out and find the best competition we can,” said Kretzer.

The Bullpups’ wrestling team is not currently ranked. Although the team is expecting to change that this season. To stay committed to such a tough season that wrestling will give you, there are things you have to do.

“You have to stay healthy, it’s a long grinding season on your body. It takes a toll on you just to go to practice every day,” said Kretzer. “I’m not an advocate of cutting weight. We want to wrestle closest to our natural weight as possible.”

If they have to cut weight due to too many wrestlers in the same weight class, the competitors lose it the correct way.

“Hard work, nutrition, watching your intake, controlling your fluids, and that’s what separates wrestling from many sports. This is a 24 hour a day commitment. You need to know how much you weigh all throughout the day. That will require you to constantly be checking, even through the school day,” said Kretzer.

Having the large number of juniors and seniors, the team has a lot of support to keep each other motivated when they come across and tough match, knowing they will most likely not get the win.

Coach Kretzer said, “They are ready to go.”


Watch Kaleb Jost’s highlight below.